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    Printing and printing are complete and the quality is consistent
    Professional design and production of product samples, advertising posters, packaging cartons, cartons, paper bags ,
    and self-adhesive labels, plates and other printing products professional manufacturers
    Pay attention to factory detail control, create quality and build brand
    Printing workshop
    Trademark workshop
    Automatic folder-gluing equipm…
    Inspection machine
    Automatic die cutting equipmen…
    Color box printing design

    Color box printing design, color box printing, is used to print the outer surface of the b…

    Common problems and solutions of color box printing process

    In the printing process of color boxes, we often encounter problems such as blurred outlin…

    Packaging box printing production sequence process

    Design, a lot of packaging box design is the company or the customer's own design or pleas…

    Common basic process of color box printing

    1. Customer online or hotline consultation; 2. Professional business personnel on-site com…

    What can I do to print a high-quality album?

    Nowadays, all kinds of picture album printing manufacturers on the market are crowded with…

    Five Processes of Picture Album Printing

    In the printing process of the album, the cover process is divided into five processes: la…

      Suzhou Hongshuo Printing is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design and production of product samples, advertising posters, packaging cartons, cartons, paper bags, self-adhesive labels, inscription plates and other printing products.
      Our company has always pursued the service tenet of "integrity-based, high-quality".
      Our company has a batch of printing, hot stamping, die-cutting, glazing, box-gluing, quality inspection and other equipment including imported four-color offset printing machines, and is well-equipped to meet the requirements of customers in product varieties and specifications. There are 80 employees. Our factory has strong technical personnel for pre-press design and production, printing process and post-press processing, as well as management personnel with rich management experience and a workforce with fighting spirit. It can fully meet the customer's requirements for product quality and completion time of our factory. The customer's request is our goal.



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